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Public Rights of Way

Helen, our Director, has been working as a volunteer and consultant in rights of way for over 10 years. She has vast experience in submitting definitive map modification orders (DMMO) and in providing training for others to understand the rights the public have on public rights of way, as well as providing training in historic research.

In the past 3 years Helen has trained over 100 delegates in Historic research and Rights of Way, working alongside the British Horse Society, The Ramblers, the Open Spaces Society, Parish Councils and Local Access Forums.

Helen has also submitted many DMMO applications, based on both user evidence and historic research.

With the 2026 deadline rapidly approaching, it is essential that we have a nationwide bank of researchers submitting high quality applications to ensure all lost routes are put on the map. It is estimated that thousands of routes will be lost at the cut off date if we do not take action now.

We are able to provide the following support to Local Access Forums, Local Authorities, Parish Councils, Rights of Way Organisations and individuals:

  • Historic research Training: We have developed a training programme, Finding the Way, which provides practical support and assistance for budding researchers who would like to submit DMMO applications for lost historic rights of way. Through this half day course we explore a variety of evidence sources, understand what they show us in terms of rights of way, look at the process for submitting a robust DMMO claim and where time allows, make a start on research.

  • Rights of Way Training: we deliver two courses for rights of way. Our Introduction and Advanced courses enable attendees to understand the public rights which exist on Rights of Way. The Introduction course covers basic Highway Law, Looks at the different organisations involved in public rights of way and equips delegates to deal with basic obstruction and maintenance issues that they may experience on a right of way. Our Advanced Level course builds upon this and we explore the history of definitive maps before looking at the ways in which the definitive map can be modified, including through statutory declarations, user evidence and a brief introduction to historic research and documentary evidence.

  • Historic Research and DMMO applications: We have been commissioned by Parish Councils to undertake a 'quick scan' of available resources to determine if there are any easily identifiable lost rights of way within their parish. This work then leads to the submission of DMMO applications. These applications are either put together by local volunteers, with our support, or we are commissioned to manage the entire process.

  • Funding Applications: As an experienced fundraiser, Helen has also supported the development of a number of bids. She had a hugely successful Paths for Communities bid, has succeeded in applying for funds for educational projects which incorporate rights of way work from Heritage Lottery and has also secured funding from local corporate sponsors to enable the development of rights of way work.

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