Some testimonials from our clients...

“Very informative and made me re-think my whole system of recording and evidencing family support”

Centre Manager

“It has really helped me to reflect on the outcomes I need to demonstrate that the families I work with have achieved, which we need to document, track and get families to sign.”

Children’s Centre Family Support Worker

“Thank-you, it was very good to have a trainer who understands Children’s Centre and knows what we need to know and do. There is a lot to do but now we know what it is we need to do!”

Ellen Genge
Centre Manager

“It really is an ‘outstanding’ training course, which gives a solid overview of the new OFSTED Framework.”

Claire Hudson
Centre Manager

“Fabulous course, learnt lots, informative presentation by Helen. Thank-you for cutting through the ‘jargon’ and giving me a greater understanding.”

Rose Alphonse
Centre Manager

“I have looked at (and experienced) a variety of OFSTED training and yours was by far and away the most useful.”

Centre Manager


Cambridge Nursery (
18/03/2013 11:21
@SkyBluSolutions Hi we got Good with 3 areas of Outstanding so pleased! So glad I went on your training as it was a real help.

“Having worked with Helen on several occasions now, I would not have any hesitation in recommending her to work with you, to improve the outcomes and impact of any Children’s centre. She never judges, she just uses her knowledge and experience to help her clients improve, and more importantly, she understands and appreciates the difficulties of working in a children’s centres, both those in areas of deprivation and need, and those that would be perceived as more affluent. This also means she has an excellent understanding of working at both a strategic and operational level, and the barriers and difficulties these two strands present.”

Jeanette Pidgen
Hunsbury and Upton Children Centre Lead.

“This course has been very useful, especially group discussions and listening to other ideas. I now have a clear action plan.”

Vicky Watson

“I feel really positive and enthusiastic about the direction of change and ‘selling’ it to my team. Really good to have a trainer who knows all the issues / pit falls and still sees light at the end of the tunnel”


“I’m much more aware of how to bring data together to improve services.”


“Helen is an inspirational trainer. She has inspired me to plan and galvanise the team to make a change to how we work.”

Sharon Leonard

“This course helped me to see how to get the 80/20 targeted universal balance right, with innovative ways to deliver universal services alongside targeted without unnecessary costs.”

Sarah Birch, Centre Manager

“I’ve learnt why I need to gather my evidence at the start and the end of a specific programme if I am to evaluate its effectiveness.”

Dayo, Community Worker

“I’ve now got tools and ideas to be able to work more smartly with volunteers.”

Sue Newby, NHFT Surestart

“Really great training, will improve the whole service and delivery that we offer, improve the way we work including partnership working.”

AR, Leeds

“I found the training delivered on impact and outcomes excellent. By the end of the day I had a much better understanding of what was expected and how I was going to be able to implement this and evidence it for OFSTED.”

Lisa, Interim Deputy Manager, True Stars

“I am now able to use data to plan services and evaluate impact and outcomes.”

Support Worker, Highfield CC

“I have learnt about progression routes. I feel confident that we can move parents further into better outcomes.”

Marcia, Senior Support Worker, BirminghamGeraldine, Senior Support Worker

“The training has been enlightening and I feel more confident in my practice in a Children’s Centre Setting”

Geraldine, Senior Support Worker

“From now on I will make sure I am always thinking ahead and having a vision for parents to help keep them moving forward in life.”

Niala, Support Worker, Birmingham

“Fantastic! Thank-you. What I have learned will help enormously. I’ve learnt about different ways of planning, having it so much more enhanced, defining impact and outcomes and clearly informing what OFSTED will want to see.”

Dianne Howard, Rachel McMillan CC

“I have learnt to expect more from partners and to implement changes to the way we work to ensure that services deliver to impact on target groups.”

BP, Community Worker, London

“The day was of great benefit, I’m glad I attended. I have discovered the balanced scorecard sheet which I think will be a clear way of showing distance travelled, reach and progression and also what, who and why our services need to target.”

HS, London

“A really useful session - so much to think about, challenging me to review what I do and move forward. I’ve learnt about the importance of having clear systems in place to record why I do what I do, using data to back this up and show impact. I have some things in place to evaluate what we do but today I was given lots of new ideas to improve my systems to clearly show impact and outcomes.”

Kathryn Evans, Centre Manager, Herts

“Today gave me more confidence in celebrating our successes and preparing for OFSTED.”

Karen, Centre Manager

“I am very impressed with the service you are providing.  Thank you so much for your input into our SEF development - it's been absolutely invaluable, especially as the team now realise what is involved.”

JL, Locality Manager

Very enjoyable, informative and inspiring…I now know about the fundamental difference between impact . outcome and have more structured / informed paperwork for reporting.

KC - Centre Manager

Really useful training, as a family development worker I do not have as much experience of data but Helen explained the outcomes / impact really well - I understand it now.

Pauline B, Family Development Worker

Thank-you - this was really useful. Helen is a great trainer and has provided me with a really good focus. I know the difference between impact and outcomes, have new techniques for evaluating and some great tools I will use for planning and showing why the centre is delivering services.

Cathy Taylor - Centre Manager