At SkyBlu Solutions we have extensive experience of working with Charities, both large and small, to improve performance, develop services, increase sustainability and secure funding.

It has become increasingly challenging to secure funding in today's financial climate. We recognise that where it was once easy to cover core costs, it is now becoming much harder. We also know that funders expect more for their money and require increasing numbers of beneficiaries to be supported and more complex outcomes to be secured.

To support you in this we can help by:


  • Support on business development and growth. We work alongside your team to undertake planning and scoping exercises, establish business sustainability and help you to plan and deliver on growth strategies at the right time for your charity.

  • Provide a financial health check and review of your charity, ensuring that you remain financial stable.

  • Support during merger, acquisitions and TUPE transfers.

  • Project Management support for funding applications and successful tenders.

  • Undertaking Quality assurance inspections of family support services. Your service may not be regulated by Ofsted or CQC, but we are in no doubt that you have the desire to provide outstanding support to your beneficiaries. We work with you to understand your service and undertake a robust quality assurance check to help you understand where you currently are and what you could do to improve. We spend time looking at safeguarding policies and procedures, back this up with looking at practice, speaking to beneficiaries and partners and auditing case files. At the end of your review you will have a clear understanding of your service and an action plan to ensure you can improve. This report can be used, not only for service improvement, but also to demonstrate your high standards of work to funders and potential commissioners.

  • Undertaking quality assurance inspections of unregulated training provision. Much of the work we do requires us to train volunteers and beneficiaries. Unlike formal education establishments this training is not subject to the rigours of Ofsted inspection. Working with Ofsted level criteria we will inspect your provision, observe your practice and scrutinise your results. You will be given a grading and an action plan for future delivery. Again, this not only helps you understand where you are currently at, but can also form a basis for seeking funding or commissioning for delivery of services.

  • Supporting you to develop your practice. Wether you'd like to develop more robust systems for family support work, improve your training offer or develop a system for tracking outcome, we can support you to get there. We are also able to help you repackage your current service offer or develop clear project ideas, enabling you to access more funding streams. Our support is tailored to meet your needs, so please do get in touch to discuss them.

  • Support during the commissioning process to develop tenders and project manage successful bids

  • Provision of training to support service improvement, including areas such as measuring and monitoring outcomes, family support and community profiling. Our team of experienced trainers will work with you and create a bespoke package unique to your organisation.

  • Developing a social enterprise model for your organisation enabling you to develop more robust, sustainable funding streams.

  • Undertake external evaluation of your work. We can support you to develop a social impact review or undertake a detailed consultation and evaluation of the impact of your work. We use a variety of methods to gather data, from interviewing beneficiaries, talking to partners, gathering the views of staff and volunteers, to using hard data gathered by your organisation. Once we have a clear picture of your service we can write evaluation reports which recognise the impact of the work you do and the social value you bring.

  • Exploring the Social Return on Investment of your services. Armed with this data you have a clear understanding of how much your service is saving society based on the intervention and prevention work you undertake. Combine this with a social impact review and you will have a strong case for funding applications and be able to approach commissioners to seek funds based on the amount you will save public services.

  • Supplying interim senior management and CEO support to cover you during times of immediate need.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. We believe in working closely with our clients to create bespoke packages which meet your needs. We would love to hear about your charity and find out more about you. Please give us a call on
01949 729723 to talk to us about your needs and how we can work together to meet them.

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