At SkyBlu Solutions we have a decade of Children's centre experience under our belts.

With Ofsted currently being suspended from inspecting Children's Centres, now is the perfect time to undertake development work to enable your Centre to really shine when inspections resume. Without the fear of Ofsted Children's Centres have the breathing room to ensure that they are outstanding and have the data which will be required. For some, the Local Authority may have taken on an inspector role, but many Children's Centres have been left without an external pair of eyes to enable them to know they are good and outstanding. Now is the ideal time to confirm where you are at and ensure you have continued to develop and grow, ready for when Ofsted return.

As funding gets tighter for Children's Centres it is essential that you can evidence the difference you make and the social return on investment that Children's Centre services provide. Only armed with this type of data, combined with outstanding service provision can we argue the need for re-investment in early intervention and prevention services.


Children’s Centre Consultancy provision includes the following areas of expertise:

Children’s Centres Consultancy

  • OFSTED style inspection
  • Socil return on investment analysis
  • Social impact reporting
  • Self Evaluation Form (SEF) support
  • Your View Matters - Consultation and Satisfaction Surveys
  • Value for Money / Unit Costing of services
  • Performance management - development of performance indicators and target setting
  • Business planning development
  • Needs analysis - mapping and gapping exercises
  • Customer Profiling
  • Data Analysis and Impact Monitoring
  • Community Engagement, consultation and developing partnerships
  • Engaging with Childminders and Early Years Settings
  • Making the most of your Qualified Teacher (QTs) and Early Years Professionals (EYPs)
  • Developing innovative services
  • Working with Third party providers to enhance your offer
  • Tailor made training packages
  • Developing Systems, Processes and Policies - including operational policies, finance and business management solutions, procurement and safeguarding protocols
  • Outreach - recording systems and training
  • Recruitment and staffing support
  • Social Enterprise and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Developing effective service level agreements
  • Tracking Outcomes for children and families - developing systems
  • Steps to Success - purchasable tracking system adapted to your centres needs
  • Developing your family support offer
  • Empowering Parents
  • Presenting data to Ofsted
  • Tender development and project management, including completion of PQQ and Tender documentation
  • Interim management solutions


Children’s Centre Training

  • Increasing Reach not just Registrations
  • Impact and Outcomes
  • Tracking outcomes for Children and families
  • Are you ready for OFSTED?
  • Innovative ways to deliver services on a reducing budget
  • Using Data Effectively to plan services
  • Soft Outcomes
  • Impact Monitoring - making a difference and knowing it
  • Engaging with third party providers
  • Increasing Reach and attendance
  • Making the most of your Qualified Teacher
  • Familiy Support and 1:1 outreach - recording your work
  • Transition and School Readiness
  • Presenting your evidence to Ofsted
  • Empowering Parents
  • The Children’s Centre Advisory Board
  • Family Support - setting meaningful and relevant outcomes

Children's Centre Forum

We provide a free forum for all children's centre staff which is available here.

We also provide a group on LinkedIn - please feel free to join us.

All of our consultancy and training are bespoke packages and this is just a tase of what we can offer. To enable us to best support you please give us a call on
01949 729723 and we will talk to you about your needs, what you'd like to achieve and develop a plan for your Centre.

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