Pause for thought…

  • Grant spending, by the 300 largest foundations, in 2014/15 reached a record £2.7billion.
  • There were 165 801 voluntary organisations / general charities in the UK in 2014/15.
  • An estimated £6.1 billion of annual grants were transacted through grant making foundations in 2013/14.
  • Publicly-Funded foundations make more than £1 billion of foundation grants, accounting for 17% of all grant making.
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With statistics like this it is essential that funders have a robust understanding of how funding is being spent. Funders need to know that the outcomes reported have been achieved through high quality practice. With limited resources in grant making bodies, it is often only the end of grant reports, including financial expenditure and beneficiary numbers and outcomes which are truly scrutinised.

It is essential that you know how your money is really being spent and that you know that it is doing the good you intend.

Our experience has demonstrated to us that the practice of funded organisations is rarely scrutinised and is often unregulated. Practice can vary from inadequate through to outstanding, even with organisations who internally believe themselves to be good. To help you be certain that the work you are funding is of an outstanding quality and, where vulnerable children and adults are concerned, meets robust safeguarding practice, we can offer you the following services:

  • Independent quality assurance - following a robust framework will will 'inspect' service provision, looking in detail at the evidence behind the outcomes being reported. We will scrutinise practice and ensure that all safeguarding requirements are being met. Most importantly, we will provide you with a robust report on our findings and any actions which could be undertaken to improve the service further. With your consent we will share this with the provider, enabling them to implement the actions identified.

  • Independent grant monitoring - using your grant monitoring requirements we can undertake evaluation of this against the criteria under which the grant was given. This can build capacity into your team, or, can form part of a more detailed monitoring visit where we also scrutinise delivery and recording systems. A report will be provided with any actions clearly identified.

  • Social Impact reporting and social return on investment - we can work with you to create reports and evaluate services to determine their true value. We can work with service providers during the period of their grant or undertake work once the evidence has been gathered to provide you, and if appropriate the service provider, with a clear understanding of the difference you have made.

We do offer a wide range of services and would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your individual requirements and intended outcomes. Please do call us on
01949 729723 to find out more about how we can help you achieve your charitable aims.

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